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Cara combines easel painting (picking and painting her subjects stem by stem) with onsite commissions for ceiling designs, hand painted wallpaper and wall paintings. Clients include BOS Studios at Claridge’s hotel, HM Elizabeth II, the Hauser-Wirths in Somerset and Christopher Gibbs. She has exhibited in London, Florence and Melbourne and her work is represented in international, public and private collections.

Cara’s art aims to recover the fragile, ethereal beauty of nature, through intensely rendered depictions of flora and fauna. Using pure pigment and egg tempera on plaster panels, she creates luminously coloured, hyper real, yet imaginatively configured assemblies of the natural world, apprehended through a uniquely personal vision…

the vivid spectrum of pure pigments on smooth matt plaster, helps me capture the exquisite detail of the natural world. The plants I find there and have loved since childhood become increasingly charged with symbolism as I get older and more aware of life, death and the passage of time.”

In 2024 Cara received a Qest Scholarship, adding wood carving and gilding to her skills.

For information about on site commissions or fresco panels please use the contact page.


Cara Campbell

‘Buon fresco’ describes painting on lime plaster before it has ‘gone off’ or hardened. Pure pigments become sealed in lime crystals, preserving a vivid colour spectrum on a matt surface that is colour fast and withstands water. Lime also captures carbon, absorbs humidity and allows a building to breathe, making it an ideal wall covering. Detail can be added with egg tempera or stucco. 


Sgraffito is plaster etching. While still damp, pigmented or plain lime plaster is painted with a layer of lime putty in a contrasting colour which can then be scratched off to reveal a dramatic design. Popular in renaissance Florence on external walls, it is hard wearing and textured. Ideal in drier climates, it is also used by pargetters in Suffolk and in semi-covered outdoor spaces anywhere. Sgraffito combines well with stucco.


Used by the Romans, stucco is made from lime putty and marble dust (or sand) to form sculptural relief on interior or exterior walls. This hand modelled plaster work can be applied to exposed walls or combined with fresco and sgraffito techniques to capture carbon and allow the building to breathe.


In May 2024 Cara received a Qest scholarship to expand her practice into wood carving, gesso and gilding. Painting on gessoed wood panels with egg tempera and framing them with carved and gilded wood, she intends to make medieval style altarpieces dedicated to nature. These will be on show in November 2025 and available to commission.


Site specific combinations of fresco, stucco, wood carving and gilding with more modern casting methods to create immersive room installations for private clients and public spaces. Using natural, sustainable and carbon capturing materials to honour the natural world. Available to commission from 2025.


Hand painted on soft distempered paper with ink. The examples shown are from Harrock hall where a chinoserie theme of birds and flowers was painted in situ. Bespoke digital designs can also be commissioned from a library of Cara’s high resolution fresco images. Through a collaboration with repeat pattern fern wall papers are also available.

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